Chronic Low Back Problems

Low Back Pain

Chronic Low Back Problems

Chronic Low Back Problems

The low back supports the weight of the body. It provides mobility for daily movements. There is a wide variety of chronic low back problems.  Low back pain can be mild and annoying.  Chronic low back problems can be severe and debilitating. Pain can come and go. The pain can get worse gradually. When pain lasts for 3 months or more it is considered chronic. Chronic low back problems is usually severe. It also requires a thorough medical workup. This will help determine the source of the pain.

Mechanical Pain

Mechanical pain is the most common form of chronic low back pain. This pain primarily comes from the muscles, ligaments and joints. This pain is usually influenced by too much pressure on the spine. It may feel different or more painful based on certain motion. It may also be influenced by standing, bending or twisting.

Radicular Pain

Radicular pain occurs when there is a pinched nerve or inflammation. This type of pain may follow a nerve root pattern. It may also go down into the buttock and or leg. This type of pain is associated with a sharp, burning sensation. One may also feel numbness or weakness in the leg. This pain is typically felt on one side of the body.

Causes of lower back pain

Pain is considered chronic when it exceeds the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Chronic low back pain often involves a disc, joint or nerve problem.

  • Disc problems


In between each vertebra is a disc. These discs could be the cause for some chronic low back pain. There are two potential problems. One of them could be a herniated disc. A herniated disc occurs when the disc ruptures. This allows a gel like fluid to leak out of the disc. A herniated disc can put pressure on the nerve root. This can cause pain. The second potential problem could be degenerative disc disease. Degenerative disc disease occurs over long periods of time. This occurs when the disc thins out. Degenerative discs will put pressure on the nerve as well.


  • Joint problems


Joint dysfunction may be a factor to chronic low back pain. There are two types of joint dysfunction. The first type is facet joint dysfunction. Behind each disc there are two facet joints. In between the joints is a capsular ligament. This ligament contains multiple nerves. These joints can be irritated causing low back pain. Another type of joint dysfunction is sacroiliac joint dysfunction. This joint absorbs shock from the upper body.



  • Nerve problems


Chronic low back pain can also be a symptom of pressure on the nerve root. One of the   reasons may be due to spinal stenosis. This is a condition that narrows the spinal canal.   This can put pressure on the nerve root. Spinal stenosis can be at a single level. It can also        be at multiple levels. Meaning it could affect multiple nerves. Another reason can be due       to nerve impingement syndrome. This occurs when there is pressure on the nerve. This     can occur from lack of movement in the joint.


At the ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic of Virginia Beach we help treat chronic low back pain. We treat chronic low back pain using the Pulsar ProAdjuster. This is a computerized tool. It helps to determine if there is any pressure on the nerve that could be causing pain. To schedule a consultation give us a call at 757-473-9900.

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