chiropractor for back pain

Millions of Americans suffer from back pain. Some people do not realize back pain can be eased and treated.  There are many options to treat back pain.  The most successful treatments are done by a chiropractor for back pain.  A chiropractor for back pain offers a safe and effective alternative to back surgery for different back conditions.

chiropractor for back pain

chiropractor for back pain

How A Chiropractor for Back Pain Alleviates Back Pain


Back pain can be caused by a locked spinal joint. A chiropractor treats back pain by creating movement in the spinal joints.  The process of getting the spinal joints back into healthy place can take weeks. Full treatment plans can take months. Longer treatment plans are designed to fix the back problem.  Fixing the locked joint makes recurring pain less likely.  A chiropractor for back pain moves the joint back into place by spinal manipulation. Spinal mobilization is another technique chiropractors use to move joints back into place. These techniques are done manually or with special tools.  Manipulations are commonly known as “chiropractic adjustments.”  The goals for treatment are: to reduce pressure on the nerve; to restore range of motion in the spine; and to improve performance of the joint.  Manipulations are done by applying a high-velocity movement to locked joints. Mobilization is a low-velocity manipulation.  Mobilization still creates movement in the joints. Mobilization also stretches muscles supporting spine. This increases the range of motion in the affected area.


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How a Chiropractor Determines They Can Help You


A chiropractor for back pain will schedule a consultation.  During this appointment, the chiropractor will determine if back pain is caused by a pinched nerve. They will also need to know how long back pain has been an issue.  The chiropractor will need to know where the pain is occurring and what aggravates the pain. During consultations, a chiropractor for back pain will go over a patient’s health history. They will also take x-rays to ensure there is not a more serious issue causing the back pain.   After going over health history with patient, the chiropractor may take x-rays.  The chiropractor for back pain takes x-rays for two reasons: to locate locked joints; and to rule more serious conditions not treatable by chiropractic treatment. After the consultation, the chiropractor will know if the patient can be treated.


Nerve Impingement Syndrome


Locked joints cause what is known as nerve impingement syndrome.  Nerve Impingement syndrome is more commonly known as a, “pinched nerve.”  A pinched nerve can cause many issues.  A chiropractor determines where the pinched nerves are through x-rays and by scanning the spine. Pinched nerves are treated by chiropractic adjustments. A chiropractor for back pain then treats those pinched nerves. There are many symptoms associated with pinched nerves.  Most people assume that the pinched nerve will only affect the spot in the back where the pinched nerve is located.  This is not true. Pinched nerves cause more difficulties than just back pain.  Symptoms caused by a pinch nerve range from headaches to leg pain.


Start To A Pain Free Life


A chiropractor offers treatment for people looking to fix their back pain.  A chiropractor for back pain can also treat other ailments.  There are times when patients experience pain in arms, legs, or headaches that stem from pinched nerves.  A chiropractor for back pain, can alleviate this pain by finding and treating the root of the problem. At the ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic of Virginia Beach we specialize in treating back pain. We have found that the best way to address pinched nerves is by using the computerized ProAdjuster. This tool is gentle yet efficient in treating pinched nerves.  Our office offers chiropractic treatment through both manual manipulations as well as manipulations using the ProAdjuster.
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