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Motor Vehicle accidents in Virginia Beach:  whiplash

Motor Vehicle accidents are one of the most common causes of spinal issues. All it takes is about an impact of 3 miles per hour to cause the potential for a spinal misalignment and a lack of motion. whiplash can be caused by auto accidents, falls, or any other incident that makes a person’s head whip back and forth.  whiplash can case headaches, neck pain, tmj problems and a person has a car accident they should always be checked by a trained specialist to determine if any care is needed.

One of the most unfortunate and common issues with people having car accidents is they self medicate after the accident with over the counter medications or see their general practitioner for a pain prescription. These pain prescriptions and over the counter mediations will often mask their pain allowing the problem to actually get worse and worse. Therefore, we find that most people normally do not seek medical aid until at least 6-8 weeks following an accident. The longer a person waits after an accident the harder it is to resolve their problem. So the general standard of care is if you have been in a motor vehicle accident make sure you get checked by a spinal specialist to determine if any treatment is needed.