Weight loss for low back pain

Weight loss for low back pain is very important.  Unfortunately too many Americans are overweight.  Weight loss for low back pain can be confusing.  Many people do not know what can cause their pain.  Sometimes a doctor may tell a patient that their back hurts because they are overweight.  Yet, there may also be a back issue too.  How can a person tell what is causing the pain?


Weight loss for low back pain is complicated.  Here are some facts. for every pound a person is overweight it puts 10 pounds of pressure on the low back.  That means if you are 10 pounds overweight you back is in trouble.  That will cause 100 pounds of pressure on your spine.  If you are 30 pounds overweight bigger trouble.   That would be 300 pounds of pressure.

Where does it go?

Weight loss for low back pain is imperative.  The extra pressure lands on the L5 joint.  This is the most effected nerve in the body.  Most low back pain comes from the L5 nerve.  The L5 nerve also runs down the legs.  If it becomes irritated, it can cause sciatic pain.  Sciatica is when pain or numbness travels down one or both legs.  sciatica can be very painful.  If you are overweight it can magnify the sciatic pain.  Losing weight can help reduce the symptoms.


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If you have lower back pain, you are not alone. About 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lifetimes. The lower back include the five vertebrae (L1-L5) which support most of the weight of the upper body. There are many causes of low back pain. Unfortunately, a large majority of patient’s low back pain is caused by being overweight. Many people are unaware that excess weight or obesity can be root cause of their low back pain. In this article we will discuss how and when weight loss for low back pain is appropriate. It is important to understand how weight loss for low back pain can dramatically reduce these unwanted symptoms. Overall weight loss for low back pain is very beneficial. Every extra pound adds strain to the muscles and ligaments in your low back. The extra load on your spine can take vertebrae out of alignment. We encourage weight loss for low back pain especially for people with extra weigh in their stomachs. This is because the excess weight pulls the pelvis forward and strains the lower back. Many experts agree that weight loss for low back successfully results in partial or complete back pain relief.

Weight loss for low back pain

Weight loss for low back pain

In our office we use the ProAdjuster pulstar   instrument to determine if you have pinched nerves.  It is computerized and totally painless test.  Many patients get scanned with this instrument to see if they have pinched nerves.  Pinched nerves are most effectively treated with chiropractic care.  We can treat the pinched nerves with the computerized ProAdjuster system.  There is no twisting , turning or popping or cracking with the computerized ProAdjuster system.

for weight loss we use the ideal protein system.  To see more information concerning ideal protein please click the link.

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Identifying whether weigh loss for low back is the right choice for you.