Spinal Alignment

The Spine

The spinal column is made out of bones called the vertebrae. There are thirty-three bones that interlock. Only the top twenty-four bones are moveable. In between each bone is a disc. The disc is a soft cushion. It acts to absorb shock. There are many muscles that attach to the spine. This helps provide movement and give strength to the spine. There are many nerves that travel through the spine. These nerves travel throughout the body. Nerves are how the brain communicates with the rest of the body. The spine is a complex structure. It is designed to move and can be susceptible to dysfunction.

spinal alignment

spinal alignment

Types of Forces on the Body

There are forces that can act on your body. These forces are strong enough to overpower the resistance of your muscles and ligaments. This can cause the vertebrae in your spine to become misaligned. There are three types of forces that can impact the spinal aligment. They include physical, chemical and emotional. Sometimes more than one force can be acting on the spine.

How Misalignment Occurs

Physical forces include things such as falls, car accidents, repetitive injuries, or any other physical trauma. Chemical force impacts muscle tone. Spinal alignment is dependent on healthy muscles. A chemical force means the chemistry is off in the body. An example includes a lack of calcium in the diet. This can cause muscle cramps which can affect spinal alignment. Emotional forces include things like stress and lifestyle. If one is tense in the shoulders neck, or back it can lead to spinal misalignment.

Determining Proper Spinal Alignment

There are many different keys to determining if a person’s spine is in proper alignment. The first sign is leg length. Discrepancy in leg length is a sign of misalignment in the lumbar (lower) spine. Another way to check is to look at the heels of the shoe. If the spine is out of alignment, it can cause the body to compensate. This occurs by walking differently and putting pressure on the spine. Range of motion is another factor to consider when checking for spinal alignment. If you find you are not able to move your head properly, there may be a spinal misalignment.

Chiropractic Care for Spinal Alignment

Chiropractic care is an alternative medicine. It views human health as a result of the alignment of the joints. A subluxation or misalignment of the spine may be responsible for back pain. If a chiropractor finds a misalignment, an adjustment may be performed. Adjusting the vertebrae restores natural alignment. It results in an unobstructed flow of signals via the nervous system. This results in a reduction in pain and muscle tension. It also helps increase range of motion.



Massage Therapy for Spinal Alignment

If you routinely perform activities of daily living with poor posture, it can cause a lot of stress and tension. Muscles may become so tight, they can pull the vertebrae out of alignment. Muscles are very powerful. They can play a big role in the ease of the musculoskeletal system. Massage is also an alternative health treatment. Relaxing the muscles with massage goes a long way toward restoring alignment.

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