Little Known Benefits About Chiropractic Care

The Chiropractic profession has been around a long time, since 1895 in fact! Since then Chiropractors have been doing a lot more than just pushing bones back into place. Here are a few little-known benefits about chiropractic care!

Little Known Benefits About Chiropractic Care

Little Known Benefits About Chiropractic Care

Allergy relief and Little Known Benefits About Chiropractic Care

Seasonal allergies plague millions of people every year. Many times, the mucus gets tuck in our sinus cavities causing congestion. If it stays stuck for too long it may lead to sinus infections. Chiropractors can utilize several different techniques to help break up that mucus before it becomes a problem. By rapidly vibrating the sinus cavities, it can break up the mucus helping with drainage. If you get this procedure done, make sure to have a tissue handy!

Numbness/tingling Little Known Benefits About Chiropractic Care

Do your hands or feet ever go numb on you or “fall asleep”? This may be de to pinched nerves either in your neck or low back. The nerves supplying you hands actually comes from your neck. Likewise, the nerves that supply your feet come from your lower back. If the bones surrounding those nerves are stuck and aren’t moving properly, they can pinch on those nerves. When those nerves have been pinched in a certain way it can cause things like numbness and tingling. Your chiropractor is an expert in finding those stuck bones and getting them moving again. Once they are properly moving again, it relieves the pressure on those nerves, and can in most cases make the tingling and numbness stop.

IBS and chiropractic

IBS or Irritable bowel syndrome affects upwards of 15% of the U.S. population. Symptoms might include bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, or diarrhea. Though your PCP or Gastroenterologist is required to make the medical diagnosis, a chiropractor can help as well. Many chiropractors are trained in nutrition.  They can let you know which types of foods to avoid to help prevent IBS episodes. Further chiropractors can help ease tension and stress in our spines so that the proper signals are being sent to our internal organs. They may also give you some good exercises or stress management techniques to also help prevent flair ups from occurring as often.

Asthma and chiropractic

Asthma is a condition in which your airway becomes swollen or inflamed which makes it difficult to breath. Over 3 Million people are affected each year. In conjunction with your medical doctor, your chiropractor can help as well. The lungs are supplied by a nerve in your central nervous system called the vagus nerve. If the signals from that nerve aren’t being properly sent or received it can make the symptoms from asthma even worse. A chiropractor influences your central nervous system through safe and effective adjustments to the spine. This in turn puts less strain on things like the vagus nerve, making sure your lungs are functioning as they should. Other adjustments can help too such as in the mid back and ribs, as this can make breathing much easier. Chiropractic care cannot and should not be used to replace rescue inhalers however.

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