leg pain

leg pain

Can Chiropractic care help with leg pain?

The short answer is yes chiropractic care can help with leg pain! Leg pain can present in a variety of ways. It can come across the side of your leg, in the front, or even down the back. It can also feel sharp, stabbing, burning, tingling, or even numb! Sometimes this feeling can go all the way down to your knee or foot! It is no joke and can be extremely painful and uncomfortable for people. It can make it difficult to drive, work, stand, sit, or even walk!

Causes of Leg Pain:

What causes this leg pain in the first place? Often, we find the cause of this leg pain to be irritated nerves. These nerves come from your lower back. If the bones surrounding those nerves are stuck, they can pinch on those nerves resulting in things like  pain. Bones in our back can get stuck for many reasons. It may be due to repetitive motions at home or work. Other times it’s because of an accident or injury.

What I should do for my leg pain:

Sometimes the cause of the pain is minor and can be resolved fairly quickly.  Other times more extensive therapies and techniques need to be applied. Your chiropractor will be able to tell you exactly what you need to get back on your feet again. Pain is the body’s way of saying something is not right. It is a symptom and should not become a lifestyle.

How Chiropractic can help:

So how does a chiropractor help with leg pain? Your chiropractic doctor has spent years training to locate these “stuck” bones in our back and spine. They have also been trained extensively on how to put them back in place again so that the are moving properly through a process called an adjustment. Once the bone is moving again, it puts less pressure on the nerve, resulting in less pain and tension. For people with It this is huge because it means we can find if our back and spine is in fact moving as it should. It also means for the vast majority of people with leg pain, that chiropractic care can in fact help.

Pro Adjuster Chiropractic care:

At  ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic, we offer computerized chiropractic care.  Pulstar ProAdjuster is a computerized tool that allows us to adjust without any popping, cracking, twisting or turning. The Pulstar ProAdjuster allows for customizable treatment. The Pulstar ProAdjuster send impulses to the affected joints in our back. This reduces the pressure on the nerves allowing for relief of symptoms such as leg pain.   If you or someone you know is experiencing numbness, tingling, or pain in the legs, please give the office a call at (757) 473-9900 (option 2). check us out at https://www.ratemds.com/clinic/us-va-virginia-beach-proadjuster-chiropractic-clinic/

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