Healthy Fast Food???

healthy fast food is beginning  to appear.  You must be careful on how healthy it is

While there is no such thing as healthy fast food if it is qualified as healthy simply means that there are fewer calories in it. If you must have fast food here are your three best options.

Option one: Salad – although many salads in the fast food chains are still high in calories they normally have very sweet and high calorie dressings. Beware of those alternatives.

Option two: Chili – While chili is no fun to eat on a warm day it does deliver high protein with a low carbohydrate. This is great as long as there is no tangy sugary sauces in it that can add on the calories.

Option three: Gilled chicken salad – Once again check the calorie counter on those grilled chicken salads as the sauces and the way they prepare it can boost the calories into high range zone.

Also always remember even if you are eating these “healthier” fast food items that fast food is still not nutritionally sound for your body. The best option is to prepare your own meals so you know what is in it and that can help tremendously.



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