According to the American Chiropractic Association 14% of the public who see chiropractors presently go for headache relief. For these patients, the good news has gotten even better!

New Study Shows Headache Relief Through Chiropractic Treatment More Effective Than Drugs

Researchers at Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minnesota compared chiropractic care to certain drug therapies used for tension and migraine headaches, and found that headache relief through chiropractic treatment is significantly more effective.

The study, published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, followed 218 headache sufferers who were given either chiropractic care or drug therapy or both. Pain was reduced 40 – 50% in all groups initially. However, four weeks after all care was stopped, only the chiropractic group still retained the benefits; while those who received the drug therapy lost about half of their improvement.

Pain Killers Not A Long Term Solution For Headache Relief 

The study really says a lot. The fact is relatively simple: pain killers whether over the counter or prescription are named appropriately “pain killers” not “pain fixers.” Although I firmly believe that medicine is extremely helpful for patients who suffer with headaches, unfortunately they do not address what is causing the issue. If a patient had a blood work done and the results came back “positive for Tylenol deficiency” then by all means treat with Tylenol. We all know that that blood test does not exist and never will. That is why pain medications should only be prescribed long term by your physician after extensive diagnostics have been ordered.

Could You Experience Headache Relief Through Chiropractic Treatment?

In my field, chiropractic, we have a remarkable computerized instrument to determine if your headaches are being caused by nerve pressure in the upper part your neck. You see, we have nerves in the upper neck that radiate into our head. If a vertebra in the upper neck is not moving properly, it can create pressure around that nerve and when stressed, and can trigger a headache.

The ProAdjuster is a computerized instrument that gently taps into the neck to determine if there is a lack of normal motion in the neck leading to headaches. The test is painless, accurate, and computerized, and it works great to see if the patient’s neck is a contributing factor to their headaches.

If the joint is not moving properly, the instrument will gently tap into the joint at a remarkable speed up to 90 times a second to establish proper motion and relieve pressure on the nerve – in turn relieving the headaches. Patients can experience instant headache relief. It’s amazing technology with amazing results.

If you are already taking over the counter or prescribed pain medications, please consult your doctor before altering your doses. Remember, always ask your doctor to help you determine what is causing your headaches, so you can get back to feeling great!


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Headache Treatment

Headache Treatment Ask Dr. Maggio: When Should I See A Doctor About My Headache?

Headache treatment is confusing. There are so many types of Headache Treatment. Headaches are the most common type of pain that people experience, but that doesn’t make it “normal.” It’s a mistake to ignore them and simply accept regular headaches as a “fact of life.” While most headaches are a mere inconvenience, they are still a sign of dis-ease. In other words, even the mild annoying headaches are telling you something.

Most headaches point to that you’re simply dehydrated, your eyeglass prescription may need to be changed, or that you’re over stressed. So, when do you need to see a chiropractor about your headaches? When you start asking that question, that’s when.

When your headaches begin to concern you, it’s time to see a doctor.

Chances are, for whatever reason, your default reaction to stress (whether that stress is in the form of physical stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, emotional turmoil, or some combination of all of these) is most likely a headache. This is because you have a “weak link” in your central nervous system that allows for these headaches to manifest. That is correct headaches are aggregated by stress. Stress will attach the central nervous system. Attacks on the central nervous system leads to pain

Headache Treatment

Headache Treatment

Chiropractic adjustments can not only relieve your pain, they can also decrease the frequency of your headaches and — with regular adjustments — eliminate them. So, if you’re tolerating regular headaches, call the office and schedule your first — or next — visit with us. We can help.

There is amazing technical developments that can help to detect issues. Finding the weakness that causes headaches is valuable.

A simple holistic aide to headaches is valuable. When you feel a headache coming on , a 20 minute brisk walk can help. Give it a try.