Do Virginia Beach Chiropractors Do Walk Ins?


Do Virginia Beach Chiropractors Do Walk Ins

Do Virginia Beach Chiropractors Do Walk Ins

Do Virginia Beach Chiropractors do walk ins?

There are many chiropractic offices in Virginia Beach that accept walk-in patients. Of course, it is always a good idea to call the office first before showing up. That gives you the best opportunity to get an appointment time that works for you and them. Some offices take walk-ins, but you may have a long wait before you are even seen. Other offices require you to make an appointment before you come in period.


What are the benefits behind a walk-in clinic?

There are several benefits of having walk-in chiropractic clinics. The first benefit is of course convenience. If you are hurting its nice to have a place that you can just show up to be taken care of right away. The second benefit major would be the speed in which you are taken care of. If you need a fast and thorough adjustment, walk-in clinics can be a good place to start!


Does the Pro Adjuster Clinic take walk-ins?

The Pro Adjuster Clinic of Virginia Beach does take walk-ins! We do however recommend giving us a call beforehand to make sure that you will have as little a wait as possible. We can be reached at (757) 473-9900. Our office strives for exceptional customer service here. Part of that is making sure that your time is valued just as much as ours is. To make wait times even less, we ask that our patient’s fill out their paperwork online before they come in too. The paperwork can be found at:


How long do chiropractic visits take?

A new patient at a chiropractic office can expect an appointment to last about an hour. This gives the doctor time to talk with you and exam you. This also gives them time to take any necessary x-rays, adjust you, and perform any therapies. An established patient appointment takes much less time. A normal chiropractic adjustment typically only takes a few minutes to perform. The doctor may also recommend one of several modalities which compliment the adjustment. These modalities only take 10-15 minutes and are the last thing you will likely have to do before checking out.


Why don’t all Virginia Beach chiropractors do walk ins?

It is true, not all Virginia Beach chiropractors accept walk-in appointments. This is mostly due to time constraints. Often, they already have plenty of other patients scheduled. A walk-in new patient appointment takes up a good amount of time to perform. If the doctor’s schedule is already booked, its hard to fit in another patient into the mix. Time management is incredibly important to doctors offices. It is always a good idea to call a doctor’s office you are interested in going to first to make sure they have the necessary time to see you.