If you suffer from regular headaches, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from some sort of headache, some of them more than once a week.

Treating headaches isn’t always easy, considering that there are more than 300 potential causes for head pain. One common cause, however, is tension or misalignment in the bones of the neck. If a misalignment puts pressure on a nerve that goes up into head, that nerve can radiate pain up into the head.

How chiropractic can relieve headaches

Chiropractic specializes in freeing up the joints of the spine (including those in the neck) and making sure nerves and muscles are not irritated or strained. So if your headache is caused by neck issues, there’s a very good chance chiropractic will be able to relieve your pain.

And because chiropractic actually fixes the root cause of the problem, not just masking existing pain (as over-the-counter medications do), this type of pain relief is long-term. This isn’t a guarantee that you’ll never have a headache again, of course, but we’ve seen patients who have chronic headaches reduce their pain intensity and frequency 98%.

How will I know if chiropractic can help me?

If you’d like to find out if chiropractic can help your headaches, we’ll schedule a consultation and talk through your general health needs. Then we’ll use an analytical tool called the ProAdjuster that can, among other things, measure the stress of the joints in your neck. The test is completely painless, and results appear on screen immediately. If we see there’s a lot of tension in the neck, we’ll know there’s a good possibility that this is the source of your headaches.

If we can help, we will begin treatment and monitor your progress. Most patients start noticing an improvement following their first treatment.

If during your consultation we don’t see anything unusual in the neck, we will know that your headaches have some other cause and will refer you to another doctor. We don’t want to waste your time and money on treatment that won’t help.

However, if we can help, you may find relief much sooner starting with us than if you start by trying to find relief through medication first. (Let us explain why.)

Find out if we can help you—contact us for a consultation


Hear from our patients

We have had many patients who have found long-term relief from headaches through our care. Here is what some of them have to say:

quoteI’ve been seeing Dr. Maggio for almost a year and I feel soo much better. I do not have the headaches and neck pain anymore like I used to. He told me that I wouldn’t believe how much better I would feel until he started to fix me. I do not have to take pain relievers like I used to and suffer with awful headaches.”/// Aarika

quoteI used to get really bad headaches almost 5x a week. Since starting treatment, my headaches are almost completely gone and I feel wonderful. Thank you so much for help. I love the ProAdjuster treatments and the great staff!!!”/// Desiree

quoteIt was the best decision I ever could have made. Since coming to see him not only is my neck the best it’s felt in many years, my sinus issues have been cleared.”/// Jim