Starting an Intermediate Fitness Program

If you perform the Pro45 Beginner Fitness Program exercises for 2 to 3 months, or if you have already exercised in the past, you can upgrade yourself to the intermediate fitness routine. Doing this intermediate fitness routine daily or at least 4 times a week will upgrade your ability to stay healthy.

These intermediate fitness program exercises are designed to be performed without the need for any special equipment at all. This makes it an extremely effective intermediate fitness routine for patients who travel, or have limited time on their hands. You see, the ability to do these maneuvers without going to the gym can save you a quite a bit of time on a weekly basis. For example, let us assume your gym is only 10 minutes away. Now, if you go to the gym 5 times a week, factor in that travel time of 20 minutes a day, and then, multiply that by 5 days a week. That is over one and a half hours of wasted time traveling in your car. Not to mention, it is very easy to begin socializing, or waiting for specific equipment while you are in your gym.

The point here is not to stop going to the gym, as actually, the gym is an extremely valuable tool to help achieve good health. The true advantage to the Pro45 intermediate fitness program is that it is a great backup system for when you cannot get to your gym, but it can also save you time and money by not having to go outside your home to work out. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Dr. Maggio. Good luck with the Pro45 Intermediate Fitness Routine program. I know they will help you.

Pro45 Intermediate Fitness Program

Phase 1 РCardiovascular  Fitness Program

Stationary squat with shadow boxing2 sets / 100 reps each
* Stop shadow boxing and continue squatting when fatigued

Phase 2 – Total Body Strengthening @ Sculpting

Lunge Pickup2 sets / 12-15 reps
Standard Pushup2 sets / 20 reps
Incline Pushup2 sets / 12-15 reps
Positive Pushup1 set / 5 reps
Towel Row2 sets / 20 reps
Resistance Curl2 sets / 12-15 reps
Resistance Pushdown2 sets / 12-15 reps

Phase 3 – Core Solutions

Crunch Extensions2 sets / 12-15 reps
Single Leg Extension Toe Touch2 sets / 12-15 reps
Seated Twist2 sets / 12-15 reps
Superman2 sets / 12-15 reps

Phase 4 РReflection @ Focus  Fitness Program

  • Monitor Progress
  • Acknowledge accomplishments
  • Plan and commit for the future

Focus Factor

How am I going to impact the lives of the people I encounter today?

Pro45 Intermediate Fitness Program

Pro45 Intermediate Fitness Program